The Holidays are almost here….Hope you have lots of joy coming your way!

I’ve recently been reading a lot about ostomy reversals, and there’s an article this month from the UOAA, “Facts About Ostomy Reversals“. This article focuses on reversals after colorectal cancer, but the information applies to all potential reversals. Most patients with temporary ostomies will have the ostomy for about 3-6 months, and the hospital stay is expected to be only 3-4 days.  Generally much less involved than the original ostomy surgery.

In an earlier post I noted the advertising campaign by lingerie brand Aerie this past summer. This campaign focused on women with disabilities, and one of them was Gaylyn Henderson, who modelled for the brand with a stoma bag. Gaylyn has a passion to provide support, education and awareness for those with chronic illnesses, and has founded the non-profit Gutless and Glamourous to support those efforts. In this interview, Gaylyn discusses her decision to pose for Aerie and the positive awareness that she hopes to achieve. As quoted in the Metro (U.K.) article, “Do not let somebody else’s view of what beautiful is dictate how you view or feel about yourself.” Great advice!

Do you know if you’re getting enough Vitamin B12? I’ve recently been more tired than I want, and Vitamin B12 may be the culprit. There are many articles out there about B12 deficiencies, but I found one at specifically for ostomates. B12 can be taken in many forms, not just foods, including sublingual and injections.  I have several Crohn’s friends that have routine B12 injections and swear they help a lot. If you’re feeling tired or having more weakness than normal, talk to your doctor and request an MMA test (Methylmalonic Acid).  It’s the most reliable test for ostomates.

The holidays are almost upon us and, if you’re like me, you’re already getting stressed thinking about presents to buy and/or ship, best ways to travel, how many guests will be visiting, what food to take….the list is quite long! As ostomates, we are really strong people. We’ve survived and can keep going. We can carry our supplies with us and, when needed, change a wafer in no-time flat. And we’re looking forward to some of the chaos with family and friends. Or maybe even NO family and friends (we’ve actually hidden out for a couple of holidays). It’s important to not forget YOU. Take care of YOU, in whatever good way that may be. Plan ahead for something to look forward to…..a movie, or starting a new book.  That’s how we can stay strong. Remember to breathe…..and just take a moment.