The Zoom link for the presentation by Dr Richard Rood is now available. He will be speaking next Saturday, October 10 at 9:00 am MT (10:00 CT). Email Bob Baumel,, Association of North Central Oklahoma, for the link information, and tell him you’ve received this information from me and our group. Dr Richard Rood was a Keynote Speaker at the UOAA’s 2019 National Conference. He is an advocate for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and patients with ostomies as he is a 50 year veteran ileostomate for Ulcerative Colitis himself. He is Professor of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, and attending physician at Barnes Jewish Hospital and Barnes Jewish West County Hospital.

Ostomy Awareness Day

We had a good time at EB Rains Jr Memorial Park last Saturday to celebrate Ostomy Awareness Day. The weather was perfect and we had a nice walk around Webster Lake. This is the 10th Anniversary for Ostomy Awareness Day and it was celebrated around the world. There are many inspiring stories on the UOAA website, and I’m sure they will be posting images from this last weekend. We had a great time! Thanks to Athena LaPera from the “It’s In The Bag” Support Group in Brighton for joining us and suggesting this location!

Surviving a Disaster

This is my travel bag with two weeks supplies

I’ve posted this information before, but with all the fires here and in California it seems a good time to repost. This article from the UOAA was posted shortly after the fires in Santa Rosa a couple of years ago. We had a very good friend lose his house in that fire, so it was made real for us. Just last week, the latest fires again threatened Santa Rosa, and we had other friends that had to evacuate. Other than the flood in 2013, we’ve been pretty lucky, but it never hurts to be reminded and prepared. This article from the New York Times is also a good reference for what to have ready in a Go Bag should you have to leave your house in a hurry. I have a small travel bag with supplies that would be good for a week, but not much longer. Always good to remember we need our supplies!