Hope you all are safe and well at home. Looks like we’ll all be inside for a bit longer. I’m not really a crafter-type person, but I’ve started organizing and scanning some old boxes of photos…..mostly throwing a lot of them away after reading the book “Secondhand” by Adam Minter. It’s an interesting study in what happens with all our stuff that we give away or recycle, and how it’s often reused in third-world countries. And what happens with all our old photos? Yep, they’re thrown away!

Last week I was supposed to be on a cruise to the Caribbean. Well, we know that didn’t happen! But here’s a picture I took last year on the beach at Ft Lauderdale. It’s now the wallpaper on my computer so I can dream about going in the future!

Speaking of travel, we also had a big summer trip planned to London and Paris in May and June. Of course, all of that is canceled, but I’ve found some really nice websites that have virtual tours of museums.

Guggenheim Museum New York
Mary Martin in Peter Pan

I’ve mentioned before that I had heard chatter about the new Hollister barriers and pouches. There were many complaints online about how they were failing and were much noisier than the previous designs. They are, however, more environmentally friendly, and use less chemicals. I’d received some of the new bags and didn’t think they were all that bad. Until this last weekend. One of the complaints has been splitting of the plastic, and that’s exactly what happened to me. This episode was on the pouch, but last month I’d had a similar splitting occur on a Hollister wafer, in the clear plastic area on the side of the flange. At the time I thought it was just an anomaly, but now I’m thinking that there clearly are some manufacturing defects with these new products. I’ve sent these pictures to Lori Chester, our Hollister rep, and asked her to send them along to Hollister. FYI, I’ve used mostly Hollister for four years, and only had one other defect in all that time. I’m going to switch to more Coloplast until I think they get this fixed.

Hope you all stay safe and well. I look forward to gathering again when we’re no longer stuck at home.