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Sept 2019 News


Our Guest speaker for October will be Erin Pallin, Registered Dietitian at Longs Peak Hospital. Erin was especially helpful when I was in the hospital, and I’ve asked her to specifically seek out some information regarding probiotics for ostomates. Hopefully she can find us some answers.

We had some great discussions at our meeting last month, from suggestions for Gloria Vanderbilt “spanx” to CBD and medical marijuana. I’ll be contacting Mike Okeda at Native Roots to speak at an upcoming meeting (hopefully November) to discuss CBD and current trends in the Colorado marijuana industry.

Ostomy Awareness Day 2019

Damon Little

The UOAA has designated Saturday, October 5, Ostomy Awareness Day 2019.
This year’s Ostomy Awareness Day Champion is award-winning recording artist Damon Little. He wants you to know that it will “Be Alright” with the support and information available from UOAA. You can attend, support, and meet with ostomy product manuafacturer reps at one of eight Run for Resilience Ostomy 5k events around the U.S. or gather with family or friends wherever you want for a Virtual walk or run event. When signing up by September 13th you can also get this year’s “Ostomies Are Life-Savers t-shirt”. This is a good opportunity to consider donating in support of UOAA’s nonprofit mission.

Surviving Flu Season

Have you thought about getting your flu shot yet? As the weather gets colder, flu season is once again upon us! We have a long stretch between first sniffles and the warm spring, so what’s the best way to get through flu season with an ostomy? This article and video from Shield Healthcare offers tips and reminders to avoid the flu, suggests ways to boost your immune system, and has recommendations if you do catch the flu (hydration, anyone?). Here’s hoping no one gets the flu this season!

UOAA Research Project

The UOAA is conducting its first-ever research study to examine components of UOAA’s Ostomy and Continent Diversion Patient Bill of Rights to demonstrate best-in-practice standard guidelines for ostomy care. The data collected will help make improvements to the underserved ostomy population. They are seeking voluntary participants to complete a survey and would like to recruit as as many ostomy patients as possible. Participation should take approximately 12 minutes. There are no risks or benefits.
Survey link:

Home Health Care

If you’ve just had surgery, or will be having surgery soon, you will probably be receiving Home Health Care for a period of time after discharge. Home health care can include a broad range of medical services performed by medical professionals. These include: skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The UOAA has a self-advocacy tool so that you know what to expect and what to do when receiving medical care in your home. You have a right to quality care and deserve quality care. Know your rights. You deserve to be able to live your life to the fullest with your new or established ostomy. (For a direct link for the PDF of the self-advocacy tool, click here)


At our meeting I mentioned that I had requested samples from a large Ostomy manufacturer in Europe called Salts Healthcare. They came! A lot of them! Salts is quite popular around the world. They currently ship to Canada, but not yet to the US. As you can see you can order samples, and their rep told me that they will let you order supplies but, of course, they would not be covered by insurance. I’ll bring these with me to our next meeting. (sweet! No, salty, according to Charles! )


July 2019 News


October 2019 News


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    Thank you for the email! So appreciated!
    I would love to hear Native Roots! I need to be more knowledgeable about CBD.
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