October 2018 News

October 2018 News

Jenn Davia, our September guest and Physical Therapist specializing in pelvic PT, gave a wonderful presentation on scar tissue management, ostomy anatomy, and hernias. To avoid hernias, basic core strengthening is important.  She noted that three, simple exercises are the most important:


  • While lying down on your back, place one hand on your breast bone and one hand on the abdomen near your navel
  • Slowly take a deep breath in and focus on trying to get your hand on your stomach rise while the hand on your breast bone remains still
  • As you breathe in, the hand on your stomach should rise. When you breathe out, the hand on your stomach should lower
  • Repeat: 2 times; Hold: 1 second; Complete: 1 Set; Perform: 2 times/day



  • Lay on your back with your knees bent
  • Place your fingers on your stomach just inside your hip bones to feel the muscle contract
  • Activate your abdominals by pulling in gently with 20-30% effort. “Try to bring your navel to your spine”
  • Hold this contraction for as long as possible to improve endurance
  • Learn to use this muscle with daily activities such as lifting, bending, and rolling
  • Repeat: 5 times; Hold: 10 seconds; Complete: 1 set; Perform: 2 times/day


  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the mat or bed
  • Contract your pelvic floor muscles by tightening in the vagina
  • Hold this contraction for the prescribed length of time while continuing your normal breathing pattern
  • Be sure to perform a full relax in between each contraction. Do not hold your breath
  • If you find yourself holding your breath, inhale first then exhale while tightening the pelvic floor muscles and abdominals. Continue holding these muscles while you inhale again. When you relax, you should feel both muscles relax
  • Repeat: 10 times; Hold: 10 seconds; Complete: 1 set; Perform: 2 times/day


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