Emergency Kits

Emergency Kits

You do have an emergency kit, right?  And you have it with you at all times….right??

This is my emergency kit. It has two extra pouches (one one-piece, and an extra pouch for a two-piece), remover wipes, barrier wipe, extra disposal bags, a mirror, a pack of cleansing wipes, one pack of Shout cleaner, and an extra pair of underwear. I keep it all in the small bag that came in the Secure Start starter kit I received from Hollister shortly after my surgery. In fact, I received a small emergency bag in all of the starter kits I received from each major manufacturer, but I liked this one the best. I use one of the others as my go-to bag when I travel and need extra supplies on hand in my carry-on luggage.

I carry this with me always. It folds up fairly compact, and fits in my handbag easily. I try to remember to swap out the pouches on a regular basis, but I usually forget. That’s not a good thing (so don’t you forget!) because if you leave your pouches in a hot car the adhesion can diminish. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that whatever real emergency might crop up, my bag will be a short-gap measure just until I can get to my real supplies.

I’ve actually had to use it twice, both on the same vacation, and on the trip home. The first time I was emptying my pouch in the airport bathroom and I got output all over my underwear. Thank goodness it wasn’t on my clothes! But I was able to grab my emergency underwear, change out in a very small bathroom stall, throw away the old underway, and move along. Then, in the airplane later, I realized that there was no way I could fit me, and empty my pouch, on the airplane toilet. So I grabbed one of my disposal bags and emptied my pouch into that. I’ve used this trick a couple of times and recommend it when you realize that you have a very limited space, or an extremely small toilet that won’t accommodate both you and your pouch. Fortunately, I’ve not had to use my emergency bag in a “real” emergency, with a total blowout. But I hope I’m prepared, just in case!

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